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SEAM supports an active community of individuals, organisations and businesses who share a passion for social entrepreneurship. 

Why become a SEAM member?

  • Networking Opportunities: Join SEAM's quarterly Networking events and connect with like-minded individuals, fellow entrepreneurs, and potential collaborators in the social enterprise sector. 

  • Guest Speaker Series: Gain insights from experienced social entrepreneurs sharing their inspiring stories during SEAM's Networking events, providing unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Advocacy and Policy Influence: Stay informed about the latest legal developments, and leverage the association's advocacy efforts for social enterprise rights. 

  • Masterclass: Gain complimentary access to our exclusive online course, equipping members with essential skills and knowledge in social entrepreneurship, available for on-demand viewing.

  • Collaborative Initiatives: Engage in joint projects and initiatives with other members, fostering collective impact and shared success. 

  • International Connections: Benefit from the Association's network across the EU, establishing connections with social enterprises overseas.

  • Other Perks: Unlock additional advantages like discounted rates on co-working spaces, group insurance, and a plethora of professional services, including legal support, marketing assistance, business development resources, funding guidance, mentoring, coaching, accountancy, web development and more.

Anyone with a social, environmental or cultural mission, whether clearly stated out in writing or simply at idea stage, can apply to become a member. 

Membership fee:

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