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Social Enterprises are businesses that create positive change and make the world a better place. They can be found in every industry sector all around the world and have been around for many years. Many people think that social enterprises are the way business will be done in the future. The general global guidelines that comprise a social enterprise are:

  • Have a clear social and/or environmental mission set out as their main objective

  • Lead an economic activity and generating the majority of their income through that activity

  • Operate with ethical and reputable principles

  • Reinvest part of their profits into the social enterprise

  • Be accountable and transparent

  • Be autonomous of state


About SEAM

SEAM - Social Entreprenuers Association Malta - is a network of entrepreneurs committed to bring positive change. We are interested in working with a sense of duty, and a set of honourable ethics and principles to create innovation and impact in the environmental, social and cultural sectors.


SEAM is a not-for-profit Voluntary Organisation offering an inclusive frame-work to assist social entrepreneurs and cultivate a new mind-set based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL); suggesting that companies should look beyond profits, and include social and environmental contributions in their organisation's mission. The three pillars of the TBL being Profit, People and Planet. 



The objectives of SEAM are to:

  • Raise awareness and educate society about social entrepreurship, particularly amongst start-ups and students.

  • Provide a holistic package to anyone who aspire to become a social entrepreneur by offering a comprehensive eco-system to foster their growth and success.

  • Encourage collaboration between local and cross-border social entrepreneurs

  • Lobby for the recognition of the Social Enterprise Act as a legal business type in Malta and advocate for the interest of the sector at local, regional and national levels



Executive Committee


Zen D'Amato Gautam


Founder, Eco Market Malta,

a peer-to-peer community of emerging sustainable brands inspiring more mindful consumer habits, supporting and empowering environmentally responsible business owners with innovative and creative solutions.

Her studies and her travels has propelled her into a journey in environmental sustainability which she now pursues with passion and commitment.


Emanuela de Giorgio


Founder, The Veg Box Malta, a social business that promotes and valorises local, seasonal food and reconnects farmers of the land and consumers of the food. After she graduated in International Hospitality Management in Switzerland, she returned to her native island, decided to change her life and discovered her passion for gardening. Today The Veg Box is a strong and harmonious community of farmers, customers and employees alike.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 16.55.30.png

Alexandra Cachia

Assistant Secretary

Founder, Thrive, a social enterprise sprung from her passion for community and nature. Growing up as an activist and an environmentalist, she works to support a peaceful and greener world. Her journey as a Permaculture Design and Teacher led her to gain experience in New Zealand, Holland, UK and Malta. Through Thrive she provides events and workshops to support companies, NGOs and individuals to incorporate self-development, sustainability, wellness and mindfulness in their everyday life.


Christian Borg


A session musician by profession, Christian ventured into the business world at 25 years of age to start a boutique entertainment agency. In 2010, he co-founded Merill; a de facto social enterprise which aims to empower the local rural communities to diversify sustainably into rural tourism. He has also been involved in the voluntary sector since a very young age. Christian has been in charge of communications and development within the MaYA Foundation since its inception, and has joined in a more active role SEAM in 2022.


Milan Haluška

Assistant Treasurer

Besides being involved in business I was always involved in non-profit activities like culture, helping to refugees and youth work. In the Czech Republic I have intiated E-Plus Association active in youth exchange and commnity projects  In Malta I have initiated CSR Malta Association active also in adult education and solidarity projects. I also provide some business consulting and mentoring for MCAST and JA Malta.


Roberta Lepre

Project Director

A lawyer with a passion for human rights and sustainability, Roberta believes that enterprises are catalysts for the creation of positive change which leads to better outcomes for society and the environment. This is the belief underlying the work of her Consultation Firm, a boutique firm which works with forward-thinking businesses and social enterprises which aim to integrate profit with purpose.

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