SEAM supports an active community of individuals who share a passion for social entrepreneurship. As a member you will form part of a support network of experienced and novel social entrepreneurs and enjoy perks such as:

  • Free Networking events
  • Masterclasses, Courses and Workshops with discounts for SEAM members
  • A quarterly newsletter with news, inspirational articles and funding/collaboration opportunities
  • Discounts on a list of professional services, including Legal, Marketing, Business Development, Funding, Mentoring and Coaching, Consultancy, Accountancy, IT and Web Development, and so on.
  • Co-working spaces at reduced rates
  • Group insurance at reduced rates
  • Possibility to be featured with a spotlight writeup on the SEAM blog and/or social media.

Anyone with a social, environmental or cultural mission, whether clearly stated out in writing or simply at idea stage, can apply to become a member. 

Membership fee:

Students: €25 yearly

Individuals: €50 yearly

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